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  • What the heck IS this place?
    • This is a brainchild I began circa 2012 where I wrote about life lessons I’ve learned and gratitude I have for friends I’ve had throughout my life. In 2015, I created a book that you can check out on Amazon. Currently, this is a place where I enjoy writing about positive observations and higher perspective.


  • So you make your friends feel good, that’s great. Why should anyone else read?
    • Indeed, the inspiration for each chapter in Project:Groovy comes from a different friend of mine, but that’s not all I’m trying to accomplish. I would like to dispense my humble and modest amount of knowledge that I’ve acquired in studying psychology and sociology to anyone willing to read. This site is aimed to include facts, insights and advice in cultivating better emotional and psychological health. Plus, I just hope my writing makes people think about what it means to be a groovy human being.


  • Project: GroovyWhy Groovy? Are you some hippie that can’t let go of the 60’s?
    • It’s just a word I use a lot. I think it rubbed off on me during my first year of college. A person I admired a lot asked me one day, “Hey, have you heard that new Psychedelic Zombies record that Slut has? It’s so groovy!” (Yes one of my roommates was named Slut and I may or may not have given him that nickname – I admit nothing) I had heard the record and couldn’t think of a better word to describe it – a smile was on my face and the overuse of ‘Groovy’ was born.


  • Okay, neat… but what are you selling???
    • I’m not selling anything except smiles, happiness, and improved perspective. I guess I do sell a book via Amazon, come to think of it…


  • Exactly how much Awesomesauce can you really fit into one website?
    • Just take a look around and find out. =)


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