It is Time

I’ve had a rough week. I want to tell you about it, but I think that would only reinforce the notion that I want sympathy for my woes, and that is not the attitude I wish to embody. So I’ll just leave you with, “It’s been pretty shitty.”

As a result, I’ve had trouble taking my own advice the past few days. My negative programming goes back pretty far, perhaps just like yours. But we can overcome it. I’ve learned that it all comes in cycles – when you are trashing yourself with negativity and masochistic depressing thoughts… Then at the very least, remind yourself that, “I will be just fine in a couple of days.” It’s cyclical. You’ll be on top of the world again before you know it, but, unfortunately, that won’t last forever either, so polish up on your equanimity as often as you can. Ahhhhh, that’s the stuff.

…But I digress.

The reason I’m writing this to you is because today I got up and decided it was time to turn my attitude around. I need to get back to doing what I do best – optimism, positivity, and kicking ass. Each day, during my morning routine, I write in my Journal (you’ll get my journal template when you sign up for my Free “7 Days to Happy” eCourse to the right). I’ll usually write some random thoughts about what I’m currently feeling while I journal.

Today, as soon as I opened it, this little poetic piece (If I do say so myself) just poured out of me. My fingers went crazy, and about 90 seconds later, it was just sitting there in front of me. I read through it a couple of times, feeling great, inspired. Then I thought, I wonder if anyone else has been having a crappy week? Maybe they’d like to read this too.  So here you go:

It is time.
It is time to get up.
It is time to get moving.
It is time to get better than you were yesterday.
It is time to stop whining.
It is time to stop making excuses.
It is time to take what you want.
It is time to put in the work.
It is time to be all the greatness that you already are.
It is time to get your ass in gear.
It is time to live your truth.
It is time to ditch the negativity.
It is time to do what is necessary.
It is time to start living your dream.
It is time to be who you were supposed to be.
It is time.


Have an awesome day, and if it helped, share it with anyone you like. =)

The floor is yours, what do YOU think?