Video Killed the Literary Star

video_webI have found and tagged a few videos over the years that are mostly just a few minutes long, that I am glad I have seen. I’d like to share some with you.  As a minor disclaimer, I’d like to ask you to have an open mind and not kill the messenger.  I enjoyed them – you may or may not – but most of them are no less than inspiring to me.

Also, these may or may not be safe for work, so check your volume and audience… Enjoy!!


I like these ‘No BS’ videos that Joe Rogan does.


Instructions for a Bad Day – Beautiful and Inspirational.


Here’s an introductory scene from HBO’s The Newsroom that I found quite profound and relevant.


I think this is a cool idea – not really profound, but one of those fly-under-the-radar ideas that are so great. I’ve done it a few times.


Quite amazing and very practical as well.


So let me know what you think below, or send video suggestions to:

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