Enter: Legendary

So…how you doin? “Okay”, “Good I guess”, “Same ole, same ole”? Let me tell you how I’m doing. I’m GREAT! I always answer this question this way. Mostly because I AM doing great, but even if I feel my cheese has slid a little off my cracker, I always answer like this. Why? Because I’m always programming my subconscious to achieve my goals, and if I consistently remind myself that I’m doing great, my subconscious will pursue that goal relentlessly. I hope you will consider the same.

I began with that immensely effective tidbit because I need you to be doing great! The world needs you to be feeling great. The people close to you need you to be great, and most importantly, YOU need you to be great. (If you’re far from great, check this out)redpillbluepill

Once you’re doing great… It’s time to step it up, broheem.  I’m talking major self-improvement. That’s where my friends come in. Get ready to take the red pill, and most importantly, don’t worry about the destination – enjoy the Journey.

Optimal Living 101 – Brian Johnson is probably my favorite guy on the internets. I promise you will be Blown Away by how much amazing value his site delivers. Love. Love. Love.Brian Johnson

Project Life Mastery – Stefan Pylarinos is a winner. He will show you how to be one, too. Sign up for the “Toolkit”, you have my word that he won’t spam you. I have learned so much of what I do from Stefan.

Johnny B. Truant – One of my favorite guys on the interwebs. Take my advice here – go read.

Hal Elrod – This is one amazing guy with an amazing story.

Darren Hardy – I think DarrenDaily is one of the best concepts I’ve ever seen. Also, he’s the editor of Success magazine.

Dreams Around the World – Have you ever wanted to make a drastic change? Have you ever wanted to be location independent and live anywhere in the world? Dan Johnston is the guy to see.

A couple of books to tide you over until my reading list comes out…

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy – Once I found out the secret to creating my own success, and fixing my own problems (mentally, emotionally, and yes, even physically)… My life has been going nowhere but UP.  I’m not exaggerating.

Re-Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins – This is just PACKED with amazing take-your-life-to-the-next-level shit. This is usually the FIRST book I recommend anyone to read.

For now, I’m going to leave it at that, but I promise you there’s more to come! Enjoy…and let me know what you think!

The floor is yours, what do YOU think?