Welcome to The Grooviest Flat in FoCo!

Let’s get you hooked up with some secret tips and tricks to get the most out of your AirBnB experience at my condo – Enjoy!

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Handy Tools:

Fixing Internet Issues:

About the Condo:

  • Doors: Please do NOT lock the door handles when leaving. Just push the top button on the keypad and close the deadbolt – a few seconds later it will deactivate. When entering, just type in your code and turn the deadbolt open. If you find yourself accidentally locked out, just text or call me and I’ll tell you about the emergency keys on site (don’t panic! Heehee)
  • NO SMOKING: I’m sorry, but it’s an HOA rule that there be no smoking within 25′ of any of the buildings. Please don’t get me in trouble by smoking ‘out front’ or ‘out back’. If you’re a smoker, you should cancel and find a better ‘smoker-friendly’ space in FoCo. My apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Parking: You can park on the street or in the space marked ‘102’ behind the condo.
  • WiFi: Connect to “Plaidlink”. The Password is: FocoGroovy (case sensitive)
  • Temperature: The Nest thermostat on the south wall of the kitchen is controlled by twisting the outside of it. If it’s off, just push in on it and go to ‘system’ and tap Heat or Cool, then tap Done. It should go back to the home screen where you can adjust the temperature.
  • Coffee: The coffee maker doesn’t use paper filters; just spoon the coffee grounds into the top, fill with water and brew! Be sure to rinse the filter out if you are staying multiple days and using it again.
  • Laundry: Feel free to use the washer and dryer in the hall if you need to clean your personal clothes, etc. There are detergent pods on the floor and dryer sheets above.
  • Device Charging: Next to the desk in the living room and in the southwest corner of the bedroom you will find fast charging cables for Apple or Android devices.
  • Miscellaneous: There is one hair dryer under the sink in the hall bath. Iron/ironing board are in the hall closet by the bathroom. Feel free to use anything you want in the kitchen and leave anything dirty in the dishwasher or sink.
  • Printer: Just tap the power button and connect the USB to your laptop to print. Drivers are on disc if needed.
  • Check Out: Check out is by 11am. Please kindly message me when you leave.
  • Reviews/Feedback: I would really love it if you would (pretty please) write any comments or suggestions on the white board by the kitchen! Also, I would really appreciate a review on Airbnb and I’ll leave you one as well. =) If I didn’t deserve 5-stars, please let me know how we could have done better beforehand.

Check Out PACE!

  • We have a sweet Bike Share here in Fort Collins that makes it fun and easy to get around, called PACE!
  • There is a website & app for iOS/Android to give you all the details: https://ridepace.com/fortcollins/
  • The closest bank of bikes is at the Southwest corner of our neighborhood, and there are many places to rent/return around town!

TV/Entertainment Instructions (living room)

  • Living Room: Turn on the TV with the small remote. The volume is on the side of the small remote. Choose cable, Netflix, Amazon, whatever you want. Then, to watch Normal Cable TV, use the Xfinity remote to change channels.
  • Bedrooms: The Xfinity remote should control the box and tv very easily.
  • Enjoy!!

Some of My Favorite Nearby Places – Google Away!

  • Groceries – King Soopers on North College Ave is a great grocery store.
  • Gym/Workout: Old Town Athletic Club – Walking distance, cool gym.
  • My Favorite Restaurant: Rodizio Grill – Brazilian Steakhouse. A bit pricey but so good!
  • Close and Very Good: Union – Sweet patio game and good comfort food. Try the sodas!
  • Breakfast: Snooze and Silver Grill Café are great starters!
  • Breweries/Taprooms:
    • New Belgium Brewing – Cheap growler fills and an awesome outdoor scene.
    • O’Dell Brewing Co. – My favorite brewery in town. If you like IPA, try Myrcenary.
    • Coopersmith’s – Great burgers, billiards and brews.
  • Bars/Hangouts:
    • The Blind Pig – Probably my favorite place to just chill out.
    • Illegal Pete’s – Hip place with a groovy upstairs patio.
    • High Point Bar – Dive bar that used to be a bank and always has good taps.
    • Social – If there’s not a line, it’s a cool underground tapas/bar.
    • Town Pump – Don’t miss the Jello Shots or smallest bathroom in town-cash only!
  • People watching – Austin’s American Grill – Best patio & Bloody Marys in Old Town.
  • Fine Dining – The Cache is very well done.
  • Seafood – Jax Seafood House performs swimmingly.
  • Italian – RARE Italian should get your pasta fix fixed. (Nick’s is awesome but not as close)
  • Mexican – Rio Grande has been downtown for 30 years for a reason!
  • Street Tacos – La Luz, awesome salsa bar, too!
  • BBQ – Moe’s Original Bar B Que will knock your socks off.
  • Super Healthy Options – Tasty Harmony is the way to go.
  • Pizza – Cazzola’s for traditional; Slyce for interesting, funky pies. Old Chicago’s good too.
  • Ice Cream – My favorite is Walrus. You’ll find your fave flavor there.
  • Fave local place no one knows about – The Forge – cash only, come prepared!
  • Interesting Places You should consider checking out:
    • The Whisk(e)y – 3rd largest collection in the U.S. I would consider disowning my own mother for an Angel’s Envy Finished Rye.
    • Pinot’s Palette – Drink wine while they teach you to paint (like the ones on my wall!)
    • The Poudre Trail – About six blocks away you can get on the trail that follows the river for an amazing walk or bike ride.
  • Check my whiteboard calendar for events that we may have found going on!

I’d love to hear if you tried any of my favorite places, and if you loved them or agreed to disagree. 😛 Did you try any amazing places I didn’t mention here? I would love to hear about them too! Cheers!

Fun Facts About Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Walt Disney got the idea of Main Street USA when a coworker, Harper Goff, showed him some pictures of his hometown of Fort Collins, particularly Linden Street.
  • Fort Collins is a Platinum Cycling Community awarded by the League of American Bicyclists, and has the most (55) bicycle friendly business in the country.
  • John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) was actually born in Fort Collins.
  • There are around 25 local breweries located in Fort Collins and the region.
  • Fort Collins Utilities was the first company to offer green energy to its customers.
  • The famous Fort Collins Budweiser plant is also the home of the famous Budweiser Clydesdales horses.
  • Colorado A&M was founded in 1870, six years before the Colorado Territory even gained statehood. Upon opening, Colorado A&M saw an enrollment of 20 freshman students in 1870. The school was renamed Colorado State University in 1957.
  • Horsetooth Reservoir gets its name from a particular rock formation overlooking the city that resembles a horse´s jaw with several large teeth jutting forward.
  • In downtown Fort Collins, you can’t miss at least one piano that is vibrantly painted and is there to be admired as art work OR for you to play it. There are quite a few pianos scattered around downtown; they are all part of a project called Pianos About Town.
  • Fort Collins has received various awards by national magazines and polls over the years:
    • Ranked 2nd on Top 10 Metro Areas for High-Tech Startup Density
    • 4th Healthiest Mid-Size City in U.S
    • Top Downtown in the Country by Livability.com
    • 3rd on Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report
    • One of the Ten Best Vacation Cities for Beer Lovers

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Stay Groovy!